Misty Harris


Writer. Storyteller. Non-Camper.

Misty Harris is an award-winning communications expert, storyteller and former journalist with two decades of professional writing experience.

The Alberta-based wordsmith cut her teeth as a staff reporter at the Edmonton Journal, where her byline first appeared in 2001. Within three years, Misty was invited to join the publisher’s prestigious national news team, where she led coverage of social science, trends, pop culture and marketing for more than a decade. Her articles were featured on the front pages of Canada's leading newspapers, including the National Post, Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun and Ottawa Citizen.  

In 2015, Misty moved into corporate communications, applying her expertise to media relations, video production, learning facilitation, speechwriting and brand journalism at the Alberta Motor Association. As the organization's Senior Content Specialist, Misty has led projects that have earned international awards for their innovation, creativity, and storytelling.

Misty has appeared as a media personality on CTV, CBC, Global News, and BBC World Service; reported on style, health and women’s issues for Flare magazine; and acted as a guest lecturer at universities in Canada and the U.S.  She’s also the CEO, COO, CFO and head janitor at Misty Harris Ink, where she helps brands develop compelling narratives that spark meaningful connections with clients.   

She's passionate about being a mom, exploring the world, discovering great wine, and eliminating all traces of cilantro from food.


Her writing dances – occasional pirouettes included – off the screen and the page. The kind of content Misty is capable of producing is the difference between engaging audiences and losing them.

Keith Bonnell, Deputy Editor, Toronto Star